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Luck Uglies Outlaw Backpack Patch


Image of Luck Uglies Outlaw Backpack Patch

Other Luck Uglies fans will know they're among friends when you wear your Luck Uglies Outlaw Backpack Patch. This small, 2.5 x 2.5 inch black and white embroidered patch can be sewed onto a backpack, hat or other garment; used as a bookmark; or just kept on a shelf with your favorite fantasy series.

This is a limited edition item, custom-tailored for Paul Durham by a design shop that specializes in authentic biker patches. In years past you could only get one by meeting Paul in-person, and they may soon disappear again as mysteriously as a Luck Ugly. Order yours now before they're all gone.

Made in Vermont.

*Patches ship separately from other products and are currently only available for shipping in the USA and Canada.*